Summary Page



Scientific updates with respect to Diabetes

Where are we at for a cure?

How to interpret legitimate cure claims?

Pump articles

Things to consider choosing a pump

Considering a pump?  What are the pros and cons?

5 tips to take the pain out of pump

Is a diabetic pump better, the same, or worse than Multi Daily injections?


What is Hba1c

Why should you care about A1c

Diabetic Benefits And Fun Overviews

Parents of Diabetics: A well deserved acknowledgement

Why do diabetics make better spouses

Why do spouses of diabetics deserve a medal – our top 10

The top 10 advantages of being diabetic

Top 10 “don’t you hate it when” diabetes challenges

How much time does it take to manage this anyway?

The top 10 most annoying questions you’ll be asked

What I wouldn’t give to get rid of these challenges!

Famous type 1 diabetics

Ways to make traveling with Diabetes Easier

A letter to my younger diabetic self

New to Diabetes

So you are newly diagnosed- don’t be scared :)

Take a breath and dispel some myths

What is insulin anyway

Parent of a diabetic – Great guest post from a dad of two type 1’s!

Better Control

What is Post Prandial Glucose and why should I care

Keys to better control

Diabetes and Exercise

Who is the boss, you or your healthcare provider??

Managing diabetes through exams

Ode to better control

Better understanding

Diabetes and insulin, understanding the molecule

An overview of what type 1 diabetes is to send to those who are interested

What glucose meter best suits you?

Signs and symptoms of diabetes/high blood sugars

How to understand studies and scientific claims part 1

How to understand studies and scientific claims part 2

What options do you have to take care of your diabetes

Diabetes and eating disorders – are you at risk?

Hypoglycemia – How Avoidable is it?



Hypoglycemia Gel – Level Life

Diabetes Treatments – Myth vs Fact

The Savvy Diabetic – book review.  Are you savvy?


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