No Blood, Blood Test – What? Can this be?

As part of my commitment to bring unbiased, unfiltered info to my loyal readers, I came across this online.  Now I have never used it, I don’t know its accuracy, nor do I advocate its use.  But in saying that, if it is going to live up to the manufacturers claims.  This will really change the pain of testing.

So cue the angelic choir, as we bring to your attention…

The No Blood Sample Blood Tester (better known as

C8 Non-Invasive Optical Glucose Monitor)

The manufacturers brief is simple.  The device is attached to the skin.  It uses Raman spectroscopy to shine light through the skin and then measure the type of light reflected back from the blood (I am sure its more complicated than that, but I am doing the layman version on this one).  This enables the tester to constantly be measuring changes in their sugars and then have those transmitted back to their device.

A quote from their website states

A breakthrough in diabetes management, the C8 MediSensors Optical Glucose MonitorTM System measures glucose non-invasively and continuously using a pulse of light. The C8 MediSensors Monitor is comfortable to wear, smartphone enabled, accurate, convenient, discreet, and affords those living with diabetes a more convenient way to measure glucose- through the power of light.

The real question remains, what is the cost of this device for the patient and will private plans pick  this up. The cost of a device must be worn my someone, whether it be general tax payers, or the customer themselves.  If you look at current methods of continuous glucose monitoring, these have been slow to be adopted by insurers and governments alike.  The concern here (without knowing what the cost will be due to it not being launched yet -Europe will be the first to get it), is the cost will limit its accessibility to the population.

I must say, from reading the websites information and from the journals that it has publications in, the science definitely adds up. If it lives up to its potential, the next few years could get significantly easier for parents, patients and doctors alike.

They say “with knowledge comes power” and in the case of diabetes, testing is the knowledge that leads to good control.  An accurate easy to use and administer test, is the gold at the end of the rainbow we are all interested in.  With every innovation, comes an improvement in our lives, and ultimately, isn’t that what it is all about.  Lets hope that this non blood sucking device, puts all the other vampires to the graves they deserve to live in.

That being said. Go Test.  It is in your best interest even if it involves a drop of blood :)


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