Top 10 reasons Type 1 Diabetes can actually be an advantage!

Having lived with diabetes for 36 years, I have realized that despite the setbacks, there can also be some advantages.  So lets get started with the….

(cue loud echoing voice)

The Top 10 reasons that living with Type 1 diabetes can be an advantage.

1.You get some great life skills: Yeah I know, its a life long condition that requires lots of patience, persistence and strength of will to manage.  Hang on a sec….  that sounds like qualities of extremely successful people.  There you have it.

2.You can eat candy and not feel guilty:  Caveat is that it should be to treat a low blood sugar, but in any case, eating glucose sure tastes good even if it is because your sugars are not perfect.

3.You can make a career out of the condition: Just by talking the language of diabetes every day, you will be more familiar with medical terminology than the average Joe.  This gives an advantage in any health care related job and in biology type subjects at school (for the record I got an A+ in Exercise Physiology in Uni 4 years running – just saying).

4.It teaches you to be a healthier person: Managing the condition results in carefully tracking food and exercise.  By having this focus, you naturally tend to make better lifestyle choices.  Net:Net better physiques, better health.

5.You earn more credit card points for free:  This one is specific to those that have private health insurance (sorry if you don’t), as because plans cover the majority of supplies, if you purchase using your credit card and then reclaim the money, you end up getting that fancy holiday sooner!

6. You get served on an airplane first:  This one is perhaps my favorite.  On long haul flights overseas, by letting the airline know that you need a diabetic meal, you get served first and often the food is better than what the general public are getting.  It sure makes up for the scrutiny through security!

7. You can see “hard to see” doctors easily: Endocrinologists are some of the hardest to get an appointment with.  By being a type 1, you can see them more than most and by default have other conditions screened for so they are caught early – result: a higher standard of health care.

8.You get to have your own dietician to maximize your results.
While most diabetics probably get sick of seeing about 20 people about their diabetes, I find I can use it to my advantage.  The cost of a personal dietician is expensive!  We get them free.  Result: I lost 4 lbs simply by changing to a turkey foot long sub instead of a steak and cheese, all thanks to my diabetic dietician – go figure.

9. You are part of a group of rare individuals (around 93% of people in the world do not have type 1), which makes you special: Whilst I am sure none of us would chose to live with the condition if we could help it, being part of something that is rare means we get to connect with people on another level.  Result: We can make more friends!

10.You will always know the make up of good food vs bad and be reminded of it everyday.  We are all taught to carbohydrate count at some point.  Yes it gets old real fast but on the upside, at least you know good food from bad.  Case in point.  Did you know America’s Coke has double the number of carbohydrates than Canada’s Coke?  Don’t believe me, take a look next time you are there.
If you can think of any others, feel free to add them to my list.  I will collate them and have a goal of getting to 50.  I thought 10 would get some ideas going.  No idea is a bad one so write now!


A sneaky number 11 is that you get to enjoy being part of our facebook page.  I think that’s an advantage :)

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