Level Life Glucose Gel – Review of New Treatment For Diabetic Hypoglycemia

So full disclosure before I even start.  I am not getting paid to review this product, but the manufacturer did send it for free.  I did not get asked to review it, and I am not getting a continuous supply for free (mind you, if you are the manufacturer reading this, I always can do with some glucose gel, I am diabetic after all).
So now we got this awkward moment out of the way.  Lets sound the infomercial music as I review….

Level Glucose Gel: Is This Worth Considering If You Are Buying To Treat Diabetic Hypoglycemia?

So after opening the box of goodies that was sent to me, I read the marketing material.

What I liked instantly was that the product appears to be made by a diabetic.  That is a good start.  It then goes on to say that the formulation allows for correction of blood sugars quickly and effectively – I’ll  be the judge of that.

So after examining the options, I waited for the inevitable low (or nearly low) sugar to occur so that I could try these interestingly shaped, individually colored pockets of taste.

Testing my blood and about to drive I noticed that I was at 4.1 (73.8 mg/dl).  Where I am from you need to be above 5 (90 dg/ml) to drive so what better time to try the vanilla version.  15 minutes later I was 7.8 and I have to admit, the taste was pretty good.  Furthermore the texture was spot on as well.

Positives of Level Life Glucose Gels

Their packaging is unique, easy to store and hard to break (that last part I didn’t really test but will take their word for it).  It would be easy to store for someone traveling or partaking in physical activity.

They have 4 different flavors.  My favorite was caramel and my least favorite was strawberry and banana.

The claims of correcting quickly and getting the sugar back to normal were accurate and I was impressed by the several times I tried it and tested laster to find that I was in fact in range.  The hardest part (which we can all relate to, was stopping at just one)

As stated previously, they are made by someone with type 1 diabetes (Ethan is his name – it says it on the packaging) and I am all for supporting one of our own.

Room for improvement for Level Life Glucose Gels

Their gels are made from both natural and artificial flavors and colorings.  If it was me, I would do away with the coloring part of the equation as you never see the gel.  Removing artificial flavors would also increase its appeal (and before anyone says anything, I know the alternatives we use also contain artificial coloring and flavoring).

The packaging is very disposable but does not appear to be recyclable (with the exception of the cardboard box that contains them).  Something to consider moving forward for the company.

The gel is in a unique package which requires some interesting techniques to get all the gel out of, but this is not a big deal (although I do think people thought I was playing a mini trumpet when they saw me moving my hands the way I was).

As mentioned earlier, strawberry and banana are an interesting mix.  Probably something I would put on the back burner.  But then again, everyone is an individual.

Diabetic Level Life Glucose Gel Final Thoughts

I would definitely add these to my arsenal of diabetic supplies dependent on cost.

They were easy to use, tasty (even though I clearly did not like the strawberry and banana – did I mention that?) and lived up to the manufacturers claims.  The packaging was unique, easy to open and would travel well.  I also really like that the maker of the product is a type 1 diabetic himself.  If someone is going to do well in life from diabetic products, it is nice to know they are also diabetic.

For these reasons I would rate this a “buy” (kind of like the stock market reports) for this product.

If you wish to try them, they are available at Walmart, CVS/pharmacy and RiteAid – None of which exists outside of America.  If you are from outside America, then I guess when you visit, you will know what to look for when needing glucose gels :)

Now go forth and test, who knows, you may be low and get to try these gels.
If that’s the case, Amazon sells them. Mind you, it probably won’t get there in quick enough time to treat you current low :)


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