Diabetes: Do you own it, or does it own you?

Diabetes ResponsibilityWe all go through stages in diabetes, when first diagnosed it comes as a shock, then there is the “its not fair” and the “this disease reminds me of a dentist – painful”.  Inevitably we come to the stage the some of us stop at and others make it past.  This article is to help in getting past the dreaded – “This disease is impossible why won’t someone do something about it” stage.

Sound Oprah’s music as we explore

Diabetes: Victim or Boss – the choice is yours

Now before everyone gets on me for daring to write about a disease that is hard to control, this isn’t about aiding the myriad of excuses.  This is an article about what it takes to be successful in life as well.

Answer this question

Who is responsible for the way your life and diabetes has gone until now?

For those of you who answered “the government”, close but no cigar (although they can definitely provide challenges)

Anyone who said “it is me, I am 100% responsible” gets our 5 star award.

The good news is that you control your own destiny in life and in diabetes.  If you have high glucose, you can chose to correct or not correct it.  If you don’t know enough about it and feel that you are a rudderless ship, guess what, you can change that as well.  Reading and asking questions can get you a long way.  Wallowing in the muck of poor control and asking people to feel sorry for you, does nothing to help your outcomes.  Naturally I am probably offending some people by now, the point isn’t to dismiss the challenges that each and everyone one of us goes through on a daily basis, but more to say –

“Hey we get it.  Diabetes is tough.  What solutions are you looking for to your current challenges?”  I would spend 4 hours talking non stop to a diabetic wanting to try another way, and not 5 minutes listening to someone complaining about how the disease is impossible and how their diabetes is different than the next person.  It’s okay to complain provided it comes with a solutions focus to the problem.

The take home on this and what should get you inspired is this:  No matter who your parents were, the schooling you had, the job you do, you and only you, have the ability to change this, through changing how you respond to life’s circumstances.

Going to a party?  Make sure you take your insulin with you.  If you forgot it, go back and get it.  If you eat cake, take the insulin that corresponds to the amount.  If you are not at target on your current meds, see your doctor and ask for additional meds to help.  You get the idea.

I cannot tell you the amount of times through my involvement in diabetes, that I hear patients canceling their “urgent” appointment with an endocrinologist despite the fact their A1c’s are out of whack and their glucose control is dangerously high.  These same people have the nerve to complain that they lost their eyesight and have severe nerve pain 10 years later.  For the record I am not insinuating that everyone with these problems didn’t take control, but I will say, that if you don’t do everything within your power to take control, then the person to blame is staring you in the mirror.

Remember, if it is one thing that you remember from reading this article, its this: Life always will provide you with challenges.  How YOU respond to them, is the life you end up living.

You don’t need diabetes to control your life, but you cannot ignore it either.

Take responsibility in everything you do in life and the consequences of your actions and not only will your control be better, but so will your enjoyment and success in life.

On that note, go forth and test. You can be responsible starting today :)

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